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Car Finance

We offer a range of vehicle finance options at very competitive prices. We can finance both new and used vehicles. Let us know the registration of the vehicle, price, mileage and dealer and we will get back to you with a quote. We can help with cars, vans, lorries and much more.

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We can help you secure the best hire purchase agreement available.

Hire purchase is the most typical and available credit facility. You simply source the asset and negotiate the purchase from your chosen supplier. You then pay a deposit to the finance company (typically 10-20%) and the finance company takes the title direct from the supplier. Although you do not technically own the asset until you have made all the payments, you can recover VAT yourself during this period.

You pay back the cost and interest over a specified period of time and this can be reduced with balloon payments.


This is common when purchasing cars.

A Lease purchase is practically identical to Hire purchase. The key difference is that instead of paying a deposit of 10-20% you typically pay a deposit as a multiple of the repayments. The remaining balance and interest is repaid in installments.


For example, a hire purchase agreement might have a 10% deposit followed by 36 monthly repayments. The equivalent lease purchase would have three payments in advance followed by 33 or 35 (if spread installment) monthly payments. Your VAT and writing down allowances is exactly the same as for Hire purchase. And again the monthly commitment can be reduced by a balloon payment or by the residual value of the asset.


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